Dez Boyle

Game Developer,  Programmer,  Video Editor,  Artist


A Purrfect Crime (2023)

> A game about breaking into peoples houses to pet their cats and leave without being caught.

My Roles: Programming, Design

ENDO (2021)

> A first-person interactive adventure through colorful worlds.

My Roles: Programming, Design, Art, Sound, Music

Beyond Terra (2018)

> A multiplayer FPS survival game on an alien planet.

My Roles: Programming, Design, Art, Sound, Music

Gravity Garry (2017)

> An mobile game about jumping around miniature planets.

My Roles: Programming, Design, Art

Eliza's Requiem (2016)

> A first-person adventure game about a girl lost in her own memories.

My Roles: Programming, Design, Art


ENDO, In Retrospect


Soulful // Kendama Edit // (Brandon and Dez)


About Me

I am a game developer, programmer, video editor and artist with a love for making games. I enjoy solving problems and building things. When I'm not programming or making games, I like to walk in the woods, tinker with electronics, edit videos, and learn new things.

Since 2013, I have created several large projects, including a self-published commercial game released on Steam.
I graduated from Columbia College in Chicago in 2023 with a bachelor's degree in Programming with a concentration on Game Programming.