A Purrfect Crime (v1)

Developer: Cat Cult
Based in Illinois, United States

Role: Programmer

Interaction System
I programmed a reusable system for simple interactions within the game.

Designers can easily add this functionality to props in the game, such as microwaves, doors and most importantly, CATS!

Any object can inherit from Interactable and override the implementation for what happens when interacting.

Enemy AI
I programmed the homeowner AI that the player has to avoid.

The AI uses states: Idle, Patrolling, SearchingForNoise, CallingCops, GrabbingGun, PatrollingWithGun and Chasing. The AI also has a debug mode that makes it easy to playtest and figure out issues, (as shown above).

The navigation uses a Waypoint object that is shown in the editor as a gizmo and has an optional parameter for StopTime. Waypoints are also used for the phone (CallingCops state) and the gun (GrabbingGun state).

The AI will respond to noises and investigate them, as well as opening and closing doors.

The main loop is separated into more specific methods in order to make the code easier to read.