Dez Boyle

Game Developer  |  Programmer  |  Video Editor  |  Artist  |  Tricker

My Projects




Beyond Terra

Eliza's Requiem



Meditative Time Chamber




Soulful // Kendama Edit // (Brandon and Dez)

"Setbacks" // An Injured Tricking Edit

Old Projects

Scrap Defense

Gravity Garry



About Me

My name is Dez Boyle. I am a game developer, programmer, video editor and an artist that is also very involved with the sport of Tricking. I developed a passion for creating games at a young age and it has become a huge part of my life ever since.  Game development is one of my major creative outlets and I believe it has no limits to what you can create or express with it. My experience with game development has shaped me to think critically while staying motivated and organized to complete large projects. I am a self-taught game developer since 2013 and I am pursuing it as a career. I am currently attending college to get a degree in computer science.