Hi! My name is Dez Boyle

I am a Game Developer, Programmer, Video Editor and an Artist that also likes to do Tricking

My Projects



Beyond Terra

Eliza's Requiem

Scrap Defense

Gravity Garry


Gas Gorillas - BERZERK

"Setbacks" // An Injured Tricking Edit

About Me

My name is Dez Boyle. I am a game developer, programmer, video editor and an artist that also likes to do tricking. I developed a passion for creating games at a young age and it has become a huge part of my life ever since.  Game development is a good creative outlet and I believe it has no limits to what you can create or express with it. Being a game developer has helped me learn how to solve complex problems and gain mental endurance. I am self-taught for the past 7 years and I am currently collaborating with other developers online. I am also attending college to pursue a computer science degree.